Seo Ranking Factors check list

Seo Ranking Factors check list

The search engine optimization – seo does not question that it wants its time, but at the same time as we let time pass waiting for the results of the actions we do to have a better position in the search engines we must take care and do some work on website that we have to raise its authority but also to stand out from the competition.

Today seo has become even more complex due to social media which apparently will play a leading role in ranking results in search engines in the context of efforts made by major search engines to offer quality content to users. We will try to mention some of the factors that you should take care of for your own website but also some that you should avoid.

On Page Seo


Almost from the beginning of the search engines the expression “Content is King” prevailed and this seems to be true until today, the content of your website is one of the most important things you have, it is your image, it is the way your business operates , your philosophy and everything else that is directly related to you, so make sure it is unique and comprehensive, if you do not have the ability to write correct texts do not be afraid to entrust them to a Copywriter and this applies to all pages of your website, not only your company profile.


The content of your website should contain the keywords that you want to be found, but be careful not to overdo it. Your goal is the user-visitor-customer and not only the search engines, if you are still an SEO company, make sure you write texts for your customers’ clients and not to achieve fast results.

Bounce Rate

Another player who has been in the game for quite some time is Bounce Rate, so be sure to give your visitors useful information, information that will make them spend time on your site and will not leave in the first seconds.

Fresh Content

If your website format allows it, make sure you have fresh content with several Juice titles.


Code of your website


Make sure your page titles always contain keywords in moderation.


The meta description is probably one of the few metas that are most important, make sure that each page describes in the meta description what is this page that the user sees, of course use keywords without overdoing it.

Headers aka H1-H2

Create headings that contain the words you want to find but also make sense of them, ie always be relevant to the content of the page where the user is.


Functional Issues of your website


How Easy Is It For Search Engines To Read Your Website? Help with a sitemap

Page Speed

How fast does your website open? Here the Google webmaster tools will help you a lot, which will identify for you any problems that your website has directly related to the Bounce Rate.


Are your urls coming soon? do they contain keywords related to the user’s website?

Off Page SEO

Quality Links

Are the links to your website from sites with high authority or from sites with trusted content? Are they from websites with relevant content?

Anchor Text

Do your links from incoming pages use the keywords you want to find?


Do you have enough links from quality websites to stand out from the competition?



Do people who know your subject trust your website for useful articles or tips?


How many people share your website content on social media?


Do the Links you have collected, the shares made by your website visitors create a website with high Authority?


Has the website or domain been online for some time?



  • What country are you in?
  • What city are you in?
  • How often do they visit your website or how often does someone suggest its content?

What not to do?

Do not write text only for search engines.
Do not hide texts in the colors of the site.
Do not show pages different in search engines from those seen by users.

Last but not least is the fact that if one of the users of the search engines has blocked a search result that he found not so useful for what he was looking for, if it is yours then you should seriously see what you have done wrong and review the content strategy

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